Cliftop (Jersey) build by Advanced Housing Systems

From Reykjavík to Jersey, we design and build the best bespoke homes worldwide

Build by Advanced Housing Systems

Our History

Advanced Housing Systems are recognised innovators in construction.

The last 12 years have seen a series of exceptional, award winning new builds for self builders, architects’ own homes, and clients from Iceland and Norway to the Channel Islands.

Cliff top builds in Jersey (see Ch4), ‘Homes by the Sea’ (won the JeCC Sustainability Award); and a home erected in 2 days (BBC) are some highlights for us.

Image: Campaign For Rural England Award


"The most comprehensive system"

- The Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt

In 2021, we launched our most significant innovation to date: THEPASSIVHAUS, a passivhaus certified Total Envelope System, described by the Passivhaus Institute at Darmstadt system as ‘the most comprehensive system’ they've ever assessed.

This offsite, MMC system is for self builders & commercial developments alike, offering a fully customizable, complete envelope including substructure and superstructure. The system can be delivered with joinery, pre installed electrical systems, ready to skim plaster internally and clad externally, with minimal site time required.

Uniquely, CAD and BIM details will be published and usable for free by architects and engineers in August 2021.

Advanced Housing Systems certification report by PHI

Aesthetics informed by physics for deeply sustainable buildings

While the built environment currently accounts for almost half global carbon emissions, we don’t think you should worry about it. That burden rightly belongs with the larger developers who can make a difference. 

Unfashionably, we are more interested in the beauty of the environment and think that physics should inform design, not the other way around. So, we provide you with world leading, proven physics models and the knowledge of how to practically build them (optionally, within our MMC systems in timber or ICF). But you decide how much ‘sustainability’ to build in.

Do not doubt our commitment to sustainability: we have built houses 90% out of recycled materials. And we have our own English woods where you can select your own timber for us to mill.

Uniquely, for specific customers we have incorporated into our systems sheep wool, hempcrete, wood fibre and other deeply sustainable materials. Our standard use of Fermacell (gypsum/50% recycled newsprint; Fermacell is more water, fire and sound- proof than plasterboard) and Panelvent (a breathing pure timber racking board) is significant.

But it should be your choice. The author lives in a 200 year old stone cottage in South Devon and will never insulate the walls. Because they look nice.

Image: external wall/slab junction isothermal analysis from our Total Envelope System, Passivhaus component certified, showing no heat loss at this typically demanding junction.

Isotherm provided by Advanced Housing Systems

The Architects' choice

It is telling that a number fo architects have chosen us as partners when building their own homes.

Video: timelapse of the brilliant young architect Rob Boltman of Downs Merrifield Architects, using our substructure and superstructure to create his masterpiece


Advanced Housing Systems

The world’s best custom sub and superstructure systems.
We blend high tech with craftsmanship & traditional materials: the most advanced house building systems are now Passivhaus certified.
Made in Devon, built worldwide.

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