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faster, better, passivhaus certified

cool temperate certified Advanced Housing Systems

"one of the most comprehensive whole house certified building systems in the world"

- Passive House Institute, Darmstadt

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  • passivhaus certified details for entire system

  • closed panel envelope (delivered to site ready to take plaster internally with electrical services factory installed)

  • fasted route to completion in a totally bespoke system

  • more robust than masonry (but allows for masonry outer leaf or cladding)

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  • hybrid timber frame SIPS (structural insulated panel)

  • sustainable materials with a high recycled content

  • soundproof

  • breathing (vapour open from the VCL layer)

  • optimum thermal mass

  • low embodied carbon

  • optimised for integrated MVHR (mechanical ventilation & heat recovery)

  • adjustable u-values from <0.15 W/m2K

  • optimised for use with system insulated passivhaus foundation and basement (THEPASSIVHAUS Foundation System / THEPASSIVHAUS Foundation System ICF)

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House Bridge


  • passivhaus certified details for entire system

  • insulating permanent formwork pre-cut in the factory and assembled in a day on site (1 day/100m2)

  • costs the same or less than conventional foundations

  • much faster installation than conventional foundations

  • integral optional U/F heating

  • low or zero steel mesh or rebar - substituted for carbon fibre reinforced concrete premixed and pumped

  • minimal dig/spoil disposal

  • all ground types from <50kN/m2 including heaving clay

  • integral radon barrier/DPM

  • high thermal mass on correct side of insulation

  • thermal bridge free and U-Value 0.1 W/m2K or less

  • minimal RC (200mm typical) in a single pour

  • extended on no bay areas

  • exceptionally high line and point loading (>100kN)

  • allows complex slabs including multilevel and curved

  • finished floor power floated or polished surface without need for screed layer

  • a stable technology - based on over 50 years of industry use

  • optimised for use with Axios Trousse superstructures