• Advanced Housing Systems

'one of the most comprehensive whole house certified building systems in the world' - PHI

Updated: Nov 8

The Passivhaus Certified Building Total Envelope System - opaque and transparent elements, above and below ground, off-site constructed

Advanced Housing Systems gains the prized gold standard of certificates from the Passivhaus Institute (PHI) in Germany.

The GroundZero is an offsite constructed foundation system.

GroundZero ICF is the world's highest performance Insulated Concrete Formwork system and is the first choice for basement construction.

The Axios Trousse is a panellised Larsen truss wall and roof cassette timber frame/SIPS hybrid.

Together they make a Passivhaus Certified Building Total Envelope System, described by the Passivhaus Institute at Darmstadt as probably the most compete system they've ever assessed.

Below is the draft certificate, awaiting the great Dr. Wolfgang Feist's signature.

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