Post & Beam

Post and beam construction was the original ‘timber frame’ construction method and has a substantial claim to be the ‘Traditional’ house building method in the UK. A brief look around the old sectors of cities such as Chester, York or Shrewsbury quickly conforms the durability claims made by manufacturers of post and beam dwellings.

Now, thanks to an alliance with post and beam manufacturer North Woods Joinery of Cambridge, Vermont, USA. Advanced Housing Systems is able to offer post and beam construction as an alternative to its Scandinavian inspired closed panel system, or even combine the two construction methods to great visual effect.

Post and beam construction creates some stunning buildings with a wealth of exposed timbers. Each frame is individually designed and constructed to meet the clients’ specific requirements and no two are alike.

Recent times have seen a resurgence in the use of green oak for post and beam structures. Quite apart from the question as to whether the use of green oak can fairly be described as sustainable, green oak buildings have been shown to suffer from severe movement as the timber slowly seasons in-situ. This can result in cracking and it can be several years before the building has stabilised and repairs to plaster stop reopening.

North Woods Joinery uses dry, seasoned timber, primarily Douglas Fir, from managed forests and it is machined to produce precise structural components. Where oak is desired, the Company sources recycled oak… material with character wrought by history. Northeastern Hemlock is another popular wood selection. It's one of the stronger softwoods. It starts out quite blond in color and is often mistaken for pine. It has a more pronounced grain, however, and ages to a rich honey color.

Used in conjunction with Advanced Housing System's closed panel system, post and beam can give elegance to such features as vaulted ceilings and open plan dividers…

Advanced Housing Systems. Combining a thousand year old art with 21st century technology.

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