Our prices

Our prices are detailed and transparent. We aim to save you money at every stage of a build.

For instance, we offer a basic design to planning consent service at £4800 flat fee. However, we usually recommend you consult us carefully before missing the chance to work with a really good architect - they will add reak value to your project (that's why they train for longer than a doctor). 

We also work with a number of regional partners such as project managers, structural engineers, renewable energy consultants and contractors who we can put you in touch with at good rates.

Our AvalonTM SIPS technology allows us to build the walls, floor and roof in the factory, complete with service conduits and electrical fittings, meaning that your home can be erected by 3 people in 2 weeks. The resulting structure is weather-proof, so it can be finished even in winter under rain.

This process, which we developed in Sweden, means that time to sale (if you are a developer), interest payments, site labour costs and management, can be far less than other construction techniques. As a rule of thumb, our price for a finished weather-proof structure with walls ready to plaster, triple glazed wood or composite windows and matching internal joinery (doors) typically starts around £60 per square foot (approx £600 per square meter).We can up or down specify to alter this price.

Be careful when comparing costs of 'timber frames' and check to see:

  • exactly what is included in the package - for instance, is it closed or open panel, or even just a pile of sticks? If you do buy a pile of sticks and build it entirely yourself, you might save some money, although the time, labour and mistakes onsite will usually mean the total cost of the finished build will be more than an advanced closed panel SIPS construction.
  • its quality and precise specification
  • exactly what is performed onsite and in the factory - most problems in construction are made by onsite, so the more done in the factory, the better.

 See also FAQ




Our TotalBuild package varies according to your chosen specification, but starts from an all in price of £185 per square foot for a very high specification house - compare this with Huf - where we help you brief one of our architects of your choice and we give you the keys around 6 months after planning consent is granted. A stated amount is allowed for each item, for example, kitchens, bathrooms, floors, tiles, etc., and you can spend more or less than this on any item with the appropriate adjustments. TotalBuild puts the entire build responsibility on our shoulders.




Our ManagedBuild package puts you in charge of the cheque book, rather than us. It's a kind of halfway house between true self build and the traditional architect managed build. We will manage any and all parts of the build, depending on your wishes. If we manage everything, including project and site management, we charge flat fee or a % of the build cost - which we would aim to more than save you in terms of time, hassle, and costs. Alternatively, an hourly rate can be arranged.




Stage Payments

We work to a general principle to break all payments into many smaller parts triggered against delivery and performance, so that your cash-flow is improved and your (and our) exposure is minimised.








In general, Avalon™ SIPS packages will last as long as the best houses built in Elizabethan times that are still standing. The existence of thousands of timber buildings dating from the Middle Ages is testament to the durability of timber as a means of structural support.

Apparently, there’s still a bit of ‘Wood Henge’ in the ground today!

Kevin McCloud said on TV our envelope would last hundreds of years - thanks Kevin.

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