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  • 100% recycled material of superior performance.
  • Composition: 80% gypsum (recycled) and 20% cellulose fibres derived from recycled papers, mixed with water. The entire production process is also fully recycling, which means that all by-products are fed back into the production cycle.
  • Fire Resistance  - excellent: European class A2.
  • Moisture Resistance - ideal wall board for kitchens and bathrooms, it can withstand humidity levels of up to 80% Rh & can be installed before building envelope is complete.
  • Acoustic Performance - a 100 mm wide stud wall with Fermacell board gives better acoustic reduction than a 275mm block wall. The Avalon™ SIPS standard stud gives nearly twice this performance.
  • Load Carrying and Structural Properties - meeting BS 5234:part 2 Severe Duty Rating, so is much stronger than plaster board; high load bearing and can carry up to 30kg from a single screw and up to 50kg from a wall plug fitting which eliminates the need for noggins.
  • Can eliminate plastering - easy to use and is ready for decoration without the need for plaster. For a "glass" finish use FST (Fine Surface treatment) to apply a skim coat finish using DIY skills and is dry within 45 minutes.


Thermo reflective low emissivity vapour control membrane

We use a robust highly reflective low emissivity vapour control layer which provides significant thermal, strength and performance enhancements over conventional vapour control layer materials with the added benefit of a service cavity.

It is a triple ply construction including a tough polywoven core layer with a bright high purity aluminium foil which is pressure bonded with a further polypropylene interlayer.

AHS installs facing into an unventilated airspace, effectively blocking infra red radiation and enhancing the thermal performance of the airspace, and hence the overall U-value of the construction.

  • Excellent vapour resistance >589 MNs/g
  • Helps to avoid condensation risk in accordance with BS 5250: 2002
  • Reduces air leakage
  • Low emissivity reflective surface enhances the thermal performance
  • Corrosion and damage resistant reflective surface
  • Fully BRE certified for all applications



We use it as anti-thermal bridging, it has the lowest thermal conductivity values of any solid due to its incredibly high internal surface area (up to 1500 m2/g). Made out of silicates (sand and clay), it is basically a high tech natural product with a very low environmental impact. A factoid for the technophiles: aerogels are highly energy absorbing, capable of capturing high velocity particles in space that would penetrate thick steel.

  • Thermal Conduction - 0.011-0.013 W/m-K.
  • Acoustic Conduction - exceptional acoustic performance (~100 m/s) contributing to the full spectrum sound insulation of the Avalon™ Über SIPS.


Panelvent ® 

We use this as a 9.2mm sheathing board. It is developed specifically for the timber frame industry as an alternative to plywood or OSB, and is manufactured from wood chips and forest thinnings.

  • Water vapour open construction 1.47MNs/g
  • High racking strength 1.73Kn/m
  • Thermal contribution 0.08W/mK
  • Low formaldehyde  <0.002mg/m3
  • Breather paper not required
  • Contains no bitumen


Moisture Resistant Flooring Grade Chipboard 

We use 2 layers of 18mm, T&G glued and taped.

Layer 1 floats on Layer 2 with a glue only fixing to the acoustic membrane for superior acoustic dampening.

We fit a strip layer fitted around the perimeter cassettes to attenuate transmission to the wall panels.

Our chipboard uses 100% or near 100% recycled wood.


Core Insulation

Insulation is a complex trade off between cost, environmental impact and thickness. At AHS, we go into this in as much detail as the client wishes.

We are experts with:

Mineral Wool – probably the best trade off between cost and performance. We offer Knauf  environmentally friendly mineral wool insulation with embodied energy reduced by up to 70% compared to traditional oil based binders. Made using sand and recycled glass bottles, the insulation does not contain artificial colours or added formaldehyde, resulting in environmental credentials of A+ in the BRE’s Green Guide. The insulation’s acoustic, thermal and fire protection – class A1 – properties are the same as the traditional mineral wool.

Sheep Wool - Thermafleece utilises hollow wool fibres, blended to an optimum density producing first-class thermal and acoustic performance in buildings whilst minimising impact on the environment. Manufactured in the UK using British sheep’s wool.

Hemp, Wood fibre and Cellulose – we offer these as alternatives, each with their own complex of merits and demerits.


Acoustic wide spectrum insulation barrier

We use a 5mm closed cell extruded polymer foam as a high performance and highly moisture resistant acoustic solution.

  • Typical 23dB noise reduction per layer, which gives 46dB plus the acoustic absorbing insualtion batts
  • Good compression resistance
  • 5mm acts as an acoustic layer and dpm
  • Free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ozone depletion potential in its manufacture and content and represents no known threat to the environment










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