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Who we are 

AHS is a family firm with a strong ethical approach to our clients, to the environment and to business.

Our team has much experience building extraordinary houses, over 100 to date, several of which have appeared on TV and Grand Designs.

We take home building very seriously and marry the highest level of client service - essential for self-builders - and technologies: some of which are cutting edge, some of which are traditional and can be seen in houses still performing well after many hundreds of years.

All of our team are conscientious and committed to building the best value-for-money home using environmentally sustainable modern methods of construction.



What do we do

We use modern methods of contruction to build your custome home in a facitily where a higher quality product and lower cost can be achieved far quicker than building from loose materials on-site.

See a video of one of our house builds using our AvalonTM SIPS technology by clicking here.

avalon uber sips timber frame panel click here to seeOur services are broad and detailed - we will help with any aspect of your build, from finding the best architect that suits you, to our TotalBuild and ManagedBuild services that insulates you from the difficult and time-consuming aspects of building so you can concentrate on the design elements that make it your own.

Our products marry advanced technologies in areas such as thermal and acoustic insulation while using traditional wood based materials which are high performance and carbon zero or better.

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Our prices

Our prices are detailed and transparent. We aim to save you money at every stage of a build.

For instance, we offer a design to planning consent service at £4800 flat fee, which is probably the best investment you could ever make, especially if you already own the land.

Our AvalonTM SIPS technology allows us to build the walls, floor and roof in the factory, complete with service conduits and electrical fittings, meaning that your home can be erected by 3 people in 2 weeks. The resulting structure is weather-proof, so it can be finished even in winter under rain.

This process, which we developed in Sweden, means that time to sale (if you are a developer), interest payments, site labour costs and management, can be far less than other construction techniques. As a rule of thumb, our price for a finished weather-proof structure with walls ready to plaster, triple glazed windows and matching internal joinery (doors) starts at £70 per square foot (£700 per square metre).



Our clients

Our clients tend to be individuals looking to build a personalized home to live in themselves, using our architects or theirs, with various degrees of involvement in the building process.

Some are building one to ten houses to sell on (the so called micro-developer) and want to produce houses unlike those generally available on the market.

Some are very environmentally conscious, others driven by cost/quality considerations.

We try hard to square these circles and believe we can demonstrate that, in the final analysis of total cost, time and quality of life (both in the building stage and the longer, hopefully, living stage), AHS achieves by far the highest value. And you get the zero to low carbon house bit for free – it’s built into our technology.



What next?

1. Please go through this web site and look at the information it provides.

2. Email or call us to have a talk and arrange a meeting at our Devon, Yorkshire or London offices. We build throughout the UK, Chanel Islands, Ireland and France.

3. If you have planning permission, we will quote against your design.

4. Otherwise, consider our flat fee design to planning consent. If you want to work with some interesting architects, look at our panel of architects under the SERVICES section of this site.


Advanced Housing Systems

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